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Cream 12%

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How to Prepare

Wash and clean duck, rub with salt and pepper, ant put into a roasting tin. Add finely chopped onion. Sear the meat until yellow, then stew on butter.

Put mushrooms into a pot with ½ l of water and cook a stock. Then, strain and put it into the roasting tin. Reduce the heat and stew the duck covered until it's soft. Take the meat out, cool it down and portion (to 4-6 portions). Add Zott Natura Sour Cream 12 % and flour into the sauce in the roasting tin. Add chopped mushrooms and pour the sauce over the meat. Cook the sauce remaining in the dish on a low heat for 10 minutes.

Pour well-salted broth over groats, and cook on a high heat for 10 minutes. Put it into a pot, add a spoon of butter and mix. Then, put the covered pot into a preheated oven, so that the groats can turn loose. Use it to form a rings on plates; put the duck inside them. Pour the warm sauce from the roasting tin over the dish. Enjoy!

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Preparation Time:

( up to 150 minutes )


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Date Added: 08.07.15

Recipe's Author: Zott

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