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Cream 12%

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How to Prepare

Boil rice and put it away to cool down. Wash chicken and soup vegetables. Slice the first lemon into halves. Grate the peel from one of the halves. Boil the stock on a low heat (this should take 1.5-2 h). Remember to remove the foam during boiling. When the stock is ready, strain it, season with salt, and - what is important - thoroughly remove all fat. When the stock is perfectly clear, add peeled and diced chicken.

Put butter into a saucepan and fry the rice stirring thoroughly. Squeeze two lemons to obtain juice without seeds. Pour it into the stock and boil. Carefully mix Zott Primo Cream 12 % with yolks and add to the soup. Add the warm rice. Slice the remaining lemon, remove the seeds and add to the dish. Before serving sprinkle with dill. If the dish is too sour, add some honey or sugar. Enjoy!

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Preparation Time:

( up to 150 minutes )


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Date Added: 08.07.15

Recipe's Author: Zott

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